Artisanal Leadership

SPACE Framework

Environments determine outcomes.


Key dimensions that shape high performing operating environments: 


Examination of the current business and organizational context – external environment, near term objectives, recent shifts in strategy, business pressures, internal political landscape, and convergence or conflict with the overarching purpose.


Distillation of the organization’s overarching unique value proposition. Assessment of its translation into the current strategy, objectives, roles and initiatives. Identification of associated sets of behavior and values.


Assessment of the degree of awareness, understanding, and agreement with the current direction. Evaluation of the clarity of role definitions, and decision-making protocols, and “rules of the road.”


Identification of different factions and sets of beliefs within the organization. Assessment of the capability of current organizational processes and structures to facilitate interaction between and across these factions.


Evaluation of the extent of discretionary effort put forth by teams and individuals. Assessment of the degree to which the strategic direction is championed and the level of energy present in the environment.